About us

MoDi is a young and proactive company. We create soft modular furniture for modern homes and offices.

Today, mobility and diversity dominate the world. These global trends are also confirmed by the requirements for housing because first of all people value freedom of choice, convenience and variability. Therefore, our furniture is modular, easy to combine and quickly adapt to life circumstances.

A compact apartment or a big open space, a private country house or public place - in MoDi collections you will, for sure, find optimal solution both in terms of ergonomics and aesthetics. We offer collections that meet the emotional and functional time requirements.

Respect for the environment is another major challenge today. Modern materials are a combination of external flair with environmental friendliness and high quality. We carefully select and test wood, fillers, textiles and accessories. MoDi is a responsible brand and environmentally friendly production.

The collection was created by Ukrainian designers, each of whom is the brain, soul and heart of the project. After all, the design not only satisfies the needs of the market, but also inspires and even educates. Our long-term mission is to qualitatively influence the development of the Ukrainian furniture industry, taking into account all its aspects such as aesthetic, creative, social, environmental and market.

Our success is your beautiful and comfortable home where you want to spend time with family and friends. We strive for development, confidently step forward and open to joint creativity and fruitful cooperation.

Why MoDi?

  • we create soft furniture that fits the latest trends in architecture and design: every MoDi collection is always the most up-to-date and latest solution;

  • we use quality materials and hypoallergenic fillers, we select only exclusive designer fabrics, control quality at each stage of production;

  • mobility and interchangeability of each of the modules makes it possible to change their location at any time;

  • the client can choose the desired level of soft seat cushions in his future sofa / armchair;

  • we offer modular solutions, expanding the possibility of individual customer choice;

  • we value each customer and provide 2-year warranty for quality assurance;

  • MoDi soft modular solutions are made of high-quality handmade eco-friendly materials at an affordable price;

  • provide an opportunity to order soft furniture by individual size;

  • embody the most creative wishes of our customers;

  • European quality with Ukrainian soul

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