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The MINIMA collection is a new development in 2017, created by the Ukrainian design studio "StudioPine" for a brand with a new philosophy of thinking and a non-standard approach to space design – MoDi.

Design studio "StudioPine" in their projects seeks to reach the atmosphere of a living space without stylistic stereotypes, their work is not related to pure classical design or pure contemporary design.

"Working on the line of MINIMA sofas, we set ourselves the task – leave the banality but not practicality to create universal sofas modular system. We believe that the object and its function in any form of design should be clear to the consumer."

During creation of Minima modular system visual image designers emphasized, first of all, on the analysis of market needs and production capabilities in order to achieve the optimal (best possible) balance of price and quality. The idea behind the multipurposeness of this line is the high variation of the compositions and provision of the complete set of both expensive and more budget interiors.

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H.M 10

17 856 грн.

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12 826 грн.

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21 889 грн.

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15 642 грн.

H.M 6

17 605 грн.

H.M 5

10 060 грн.

H.M 4

21 469 грн.

H.M 3

15 335 грн.

H.M 2

14 935 грн.

H.M 1

9 815 грн.

H.M.Com 13

40 743 грн.

H.M.Com 12

30 002 грн.

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25 653 грн.

H.M.Com 10

35 713 грн.

H.M.Com 05

85 712 грн.

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