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The “Patio” Modular System is a combination of technologies and modern visual aesthetics. The modules are designed in a way that everyone can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of peace. Soft seat, comfortable backrest, pleasing to the touch fabric and soothing colors all contribute to a deep relaxation.

Module-chairs and module-poufs are making the collection as varied and comfortable as possible. Due to this, the line can be used not only in apartments and houses, but also in lounge areas or offices. The sofas can be placed traditionally under the wall or in the corner, but you can go into experiments with the space and choose a more unusual, but not less comfortable option. The collection contains many combinations, depending on the situation and characteristics of an interior.

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PATIO pouf O.Pa 01

7 137 грн.

PATIO chair O.Pa 04

18 474 грн.

PATIO corner sofa O.Pa 03

14 252 грн.

PATIO chair O.Pa 02

10 323 грн.


53 100 грн.


81 897 грн.


70 559 грн.

PATIO O.Pa com 05

73 897 грн.

PATIO O.Pa com 04

64 437 грн.

PATIO O.Pa com 03

70 559 грн.

PATIO O.Pa com 02

53 100 грн.

PATIO O.Pa com 01

45 963 грн.

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