“BOU” Module system is modern, variable and flexible. It`s author, Ukrainian designer Levko Davidyuk, created a modern module system with unique design.

It is extremely comfortable in daily use. This line is suitable for lounge areas in any interior: office, spacious living room in an apartment or private home. Modules can be arranged in a circle, "U" or "L" shape, you can rotate, add or remove poufs. The ability to easily adapt the interior to certain household situations is convenient and encourages you to go for creative experiments with your household.

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42 630 грн.

BOU O.BO.com. 10

42 630 грн.

BOU O.BO.com. 09

35 136 грн.

BOU O.BO.com. 04

42 220 грн.

BOU O.BO.com. 03

49 306 грн.

BOU O.BO. com. 2

53 024 грн.

BOU O.BO.com 1

35 025 грн.

BOU O.BO.com. 05

52 687 грн.

BOU O.BO.com. 06

51 939 грн.

BOU O.BO.com. 07

31 426 грн.

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