Puzzle by StudioPine for MoDi

During work on “Puzzle” line for the MoDi company we set ourselves the goal of creating a commercially and aesthetically attractive furniture line for public spaces such as kindergartens, schools, offices, shopping and entertainment centers.

As a result, “Puzzle” is the line of highly functional modular solutions with simple and pleasant outline of all elements. There are no sharp elements in this line. All the corners are rounded, the pillows also have a smooth shape, which increases the practicality and comfort of use in crowded places.

Bars consist of two parts - the bottom and the top. The lower part is the modules on the legs that are made of plywood or MDF. They are presented in five sizes. The upper part is soft seats and armrests, as well as plywood or MDF boxes which serve as tables. When selecting a MDF material, it is possible to use the wide color palette RAL and combine the color of the base with the color of the legs.

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Puzzle O.Pz. 1

22 645 грн.

Puzzle O.Pz. 2

22 067 грн.

Puzzle O.Pz. 3

23 381 грн.

Puzzle O.Pz. 4

23 381 грн.

Puzzle O.Pz. 5

23 381 грн.

Puzzle O.Pz. 6

18 484 грн.

Puzzle O.Pz. 7

18 484 грн.

Puzzle O.Pz. 8

18 281 грн.

Puzzle O.Pz. 9

18 290 грн.

Puzzle O.Pz. 10

19 176 грн.

Puzzle O.Pz. 11

15 618 грн.

Puzzle O.Pz. 12

13 522 грн.

Puzzle O.Pz. 13

13 445 грн.

Puzzle O.Pz. 14

11 276 грн.

Puzzle O.Pz. 15

9 679 грн.

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